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Zune Marketplace Retiring With The Death of Microsoft Points

As some of you may have heard, Microsoft Points are being removed from the Xbox Live marketplace entirely.

This change will begin from next week and Microsoft has also revealed that as a result the Zune Marketplace will no longer be functional with regards to rentals or sales of TV, movie or music content.

The Announcement came via a Q n A post on the Xbox website, in which they said that when Microsoft Points are removed users will no longer be able to make transactions on the service.

The application will still be usable and all the contect you’ve already purchased will will available but you won’t be able to make new purchases.

Microsoft advises you to either spend your points balance while you can, or switch over to Xbox apps. You can rent and buy TV Series and movies using the Xbox Video application from the Xbox 360 and any PC or Tablet that has Windows 8 on it.

They also said that starting later on this year you’ll also be able to use Xbox Video using the Xbox One, any phone with Windows 8 on it, or any web browser.

For Music they’ve pointed at the Xbox Music app which allows you to buy songs on your Windows 8 PC, Tablet or phone.

If you have a Zune Music Pass, this change will not affect you so much. Customers will still be able to stream music from the Marketplace and continue downloading 10 tracks per month, a unique model that become perhaps the strongest selling point for Zune hardware.

More information on the changes being introduced to the Zune marketplace can be viewed here.

Source: Xbox