Final Fantasy XIV Enters Open Beta

Those who either failed to get a beta invite for Final Fantasy XIV or just plumb forgot about it; can now sign up at their leisure because the beta is now officially open for the public.

Unfortunately those wishing to clock in some major hours in the beta might be disappointed. Square Enix is only offering two days for players to get a taste for the game. The company has assured us though that whatever progress you make in these two days will be carried forward to their live servers when the game officially launches later.

If you find your experience to be good and are satisfied with the game’s re-release on PC or PS3; then you still have time to pre-order the game and get your early access code. Pre-ordering the game will also entitle you to unique rewards such as a doll pet that will follow you around. The early access code will be valid for three days.

Head over here to sign up and secure yourself an entry in the beta.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available this August 27th in North America for both PS3 and PC.