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Partnership Between Sony And Viacom Would Bring Internet TV To Playstation 4

Following the reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox One – criticism and hatred rose its head from every nook and corner. Sometimes owning to Microsoft’s policies regarding visual DRM and sometimes due to fact that it wouldn’t allow used games – in a way. But what disappointed the fans most was the lack of games it exhibited at their reveal.

This criticism did not end with fans only but the rival company; Sony, couldn’t help having their say in all this. I still remember the hype Sony created at E3 2013 by a mere statement saying something like Playstation 4 will NOT restrict playing of used games. And that ad which stated that Playstation 4 will also use your TV for… playing games.

All this sounded to me a lot codswallop when I came to know that Sony Viacom are working together to bring paid TV to Sony’s upcoming Playstation 4.

According to a report, Sony has signed an agreement with Viacom to bring paid cable channels to Playstation 4. As of now, the channels which you would be able to watch incur Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, BET, Nickelodeon, Spike TV and many others. This agreement with Viacom will also allow Sony’s users to get accession to TV channels and shows that usually need a cable operator or satellite TV.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this is true and cable TV is indeed on its way for Sony’s Playstation 4. Though I dearly hope that fans would not take this as they did with the Xbox One. Personally, I think it is a good idea for a gaming console to be complete package – especially when you are paying $400 to $500 for it.

What is your take on satellite TV coming to Playstation 4. Tell us below!