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Halo 4: New Armor Mods Included in Monday Update

343 Industries has announced in a new blog post that an upcoming update will add new armor mods and Spartan Ops missions in Halo 4.

The update is intended for Monday and will bring two new armor mods called Recharge and Survivor. Recharge speeds up your shield recharge time, while Survivor automatically ejects you from a vehicle before it explodes.

The Rumble Pit playlist will also return with Free-For-All offerings, as well as featuring 15 new voting options which include new Slayer and objective-based game types. Regicide will be available exclusively in the Rumble Pit playlist following the update.

In addition, Haven Oddball, Skyline Rumble BRs, Simplex Rumble BRs, Abandon King of the Hill, Landfall King of the Hill will all be added to Rumble Pit rotation.

The update will also see the following Forerunner-themed Spartan Ops missions added to matchmaking:

  • Episode 1, Chapter 3: The Challenge
  • Episode 1, Chapter 4: Sacred
  • Episode 2, Chapter 5: Gagarin
  • Episode 5, Chapter 1: Spartan Miller
  • Episode 5, Chapter 2: Nothing Can Go Wrong

During E3 in June, Microsoft gave a slight teaser of something related to Halo. Many regarded it as the next installment in the trilogy – Halo 5. However, later statements suggested that the project is not related to the said trilogy. With Gamescom around the corner, there’s a chance that we may get to see what exactly the new Halo title is.