Despite Previous Claims, Arkane is Certainly Working on Prey 2 Reboot

Against popular quotes and previous statements over Arkane Studios ‘not’ working on Prey 2, the company is definitely behind the game and we were apparently just misled by Bethesda on the matter.

New found evidence put forward by Kotaku in the shapes of some leaked e-mails tell us that despite Bethesda denying Arkane’s involvement in the game, the studio behind the the fabulous stealth Dishonored title is indeed working on a rebooted version of Prey 2.

Game assets left behind by Human Head, who had the most time to work on Prey 2 before the involvement of Arkane, will not be used by the latter. This essentially proves previous rumors that Arkane is taking a fresh start and not just taking over what Human Head left behind.

Bethesda seemingly had taken an oath to protect the switching of developers as a closely guarded secret. However, now it seems that the publisher simply misled everyone about Prey 2 because they just didn’t want anyone to know about the title, at least until they had something promising to show.

That brings the question of why they would do that? Clearly the publisher should have great faith in the studio after their take on Dishonored.

To read the whole lot of e-mails that leak out the existence of the game, head over to the source.