Bungie Unveil ‘The Red Death’ Weapon for Destiny

Bungie are still hard at work on their upcoming open-world shooter, Destiny, and they’ve still got some awesome features and secrets to show off about the game. Today they revealed one of the coolest looking weapons in video game history in the form of the Red Death, as you can see above.

The Red Death isn’t just an awesome looking gun, though. It’s also an “exotic” rifle, which is part of a class of weapons in the game that are basically relics. Tom Doyle from Bungie explained what these weapons represent and just how special they are.

“Exotics are the legendary weapons of yesterday, hand-crafted by our ancestors and left strewn about the system. Scoring one on a mission of utmost importance marks the end of one tale for this implement of destruction, and the beginning of another. Like every element of our game, this weapon of old tells a story about the world that created it.”

The devs wanted to give this weapon an exotic name so that they could better represent the history of the weapon, and add some depth to the story of the world of Destiny. In fact, the creation of this weapon inspired a lot of decisions behind Destiny. It adds a certain flavour to the world, and the devs ran with it.

“Red Death was what we wrapped the visuals and the fiction around. It really drove all of the creative decisions.”

So, what does the gun itself do? Just what is a pulse rifle? The idea was to make it look like a savage weapon, which it certainly has the air of. However, the history behind it is a bit more noble, as it was looted from a fallen Guardian before it was modified so much. Everything about it from the bloody paintjob to the rusted bayonet screams badass.

Source: Bungie