Pokemon X Already Sold Out on Amazon Japan

It’s been five days since preorders were made available for the upcoming Pokemon X and games on Amazon Japan, and one half of the pair has already sold out completely across the entire website.

The X version of the game has already sold out, whilst the Y version is still buyable, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t flying off the virtual shelves. It’s not just copies of Pokemon X that have gone, either; any bundles containing the game have also sold out.

Preorders were opened at 10AM on August 10th, and in less than five days it managed to run out of stock. When you compare that timeframe to the amount of time it took titles such as Monster Hunter 4 to sell out, it’s considerably less.

Thousands of games sold in a very short amount of time is very impressive when you think about it, and it shows how dedicated the country is to their video gaming culture.

Whilst the Y version of the game is still available, it’s already crept up the number one selling item according to the sales rankings, whilst X has dropped to second place. With that in mind, Y will probably also sell out in the very near future.

According to Amazon Japan, they had prepared more than 100,000 copies of the game for sale, but didn’t specify how many more, whether that number applies to each version individually or not, and how much of that number was allocated to bundles rather than single sales.

No matter what though, this kind of selling power is probably going to smash a few records.

I’m now wondering if one version of the game will be more popular than the other in different territories. It’s clear that is the more popular title in Japan, but will that hold true for America, the UK, Australia, and so on and so forth.