Football Manager 2014 Coming to Linux

Details for Football Manager 2014 leaked directly from Sports Interactive and Sega earlier, which confirmed Football Manager 2014 would release on Linux for the first time. The game will also include Steam Workshop support and cloud saves.

Older features such as Classic mode will be revised (though the extent of which isn’t detailed), and Football Manager’s new challenge editor allows players to create in-game challenges. What’s more, the developer and publisher of Football Manager throw around buzz words like “improved” when referring to the 3D Match Engine; “extensive” in reference to the improvements to the overall tech; and “enhanced” when discussing its interface.

Pre-ordering the game from a participating retailer opens access to a beta version of Football Manager two weeks before its launch, allowing you to swap over your careers from beta into your retail version.

A release date is still not set, but Football Manager 2014 will launch sometime before the holiday season.Via Gamespot