NBA 2K14 Brings Lots of New Features to the Table

As we enter the next generation of gaming consoles, there is going to be a vast swathe of improvements across many games and genres that we are all comfortable and familiar with.

Certain genres become stagnant with time, or oversaturate markets, whilst others remain constantly fresh, or are under represented. It takes all sorts of games to make up a market and community, and these games and genres need to evolve with the ever-changing demographics that they are targeting.

That’s why the improvements that are coming in NBA 2K14 are a lot more important than you might think, because they can show us just how the sports gaming genres are evolving as we cross over into the next-generation, and what we can do with the new hardware.

Let’s look at some of the new features that will be coming to NBA 2K14 then.

  • Dynamic Rosters are one of my favourite additions. Now the attributes and tendencies of the players in your game will be updated daily in order to better reflect the ups and downs of real life. Not only that, but by taking data from the real life NBA players and adding it to the game through these living rosters, every moment of the real life action is just as important to the virtual action. It really ties the gamer to the sport through the medium of video games.
  • Pro Stick Control will allow you to perform all sorts of crazy maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible with the current hardware. You’ll be able to really steal the show, and pull of intricate shots and tosses with deadly accuracy and really show off your skills.
  • The 2K Smart Play Button is an interesting addition. It’s a single button that will call the most suitable play for that scenario, meaning that if you can’t think of something to do by yourself then you can just let fate decide for you.
  • Improvements to the Player Motion System also mean that you have much tighter control of your players, and the whole system of running the ball up and down the court is a lot less clunky.
  • The addition of six brand new Signature Skills means that the unique abilities of each NBA player will be better represented in the virtual system.

Overall, this game will be bursting with new content and features thanks to the new hardware that the developers have to work with. With all the new additions to the genre, hopefully it will continue to evolve and offer gamers and consumers even more great gameplay.