Create Your Own Games with the Disney Infinity Level Editor

This latest trailer for Disney Interactive’s upcoming Disney Infinity shows off the level editor built into the game which does a lot more than you might think.

The level of customisation made available to the player, combined with the ability to publish your creations online ala LittleBigPlanet means that you can essentially create your own game.

The stunning level of detail that is available to the player is shown off in this newest trailer, and it does so much more than people have been expecting of it.

I know when I first heard about the level editor I thought it would be limited to just making platforming levels, but there’s so much more. Using the tools given to you, you can create platformers, sports games, racing games, tournament fighters, and so much more.

Your creations can be published online for your friends (and the rest of the internet) to try out and rate, and if you make something truly extraordinary then you can maybe get a spotlight on the Disney Infinity page, so that everyone knows what kind of content you’re providing to the community.