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Arma III Limited Deluxe Edition Announced

Bohemia Interactive revealed plans for a Limited Deluxe Edition Amra III on Sept 12 for the PC. The bundle includes a hologram slip case, special key card, map of Altis Island, a printed game control overview; and digital content comprised of the soundtrack, tactical guide, maps and Arma: Cold War Assault. A price is yet to be announced.

Last week we found out Arma III will not have a single-player campaign at launch, with it instead being dolled out across three free episodes: the first, Survive, comes out a month after Arma III’s launch, and the rest — Adapt and Win — release “in the months thereafter.”

What you will have access to at retail, however, are the 270 Km² of Altis and 20Km² of Stratis, 12 single-player mission, three faction showcases, nine multiplayer modes, 10 firing drill challenges, 20 vehicles, 30 weapons and modding support.

Participation for the current beta is gained by pre-ordering Arma III from Steam or the Bohemia Interactive store.