The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic Trailer Brings the Pain

A couple of days ago CD Projekt RED teased of a possible Witcher 3 surprise with a count-down that appeared on the game’s official website. That time is now, even though the intended new cinematic trailer was leaked hours ago.

The trailer features Geralt who comes across a bunch of ingrates who are torturing and about to hang a lady. Naturally our mutant protagonist starts dishing out painful attacks to each of them.

I know CD Projeckt has spoiled us with their cinematic trailers in the past but the quality of the latest one is just on another level. On its own it speaks for Wild Hunt, which for sure is looking to be one of the best RPG titles out there; or will be when it releases next year.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been confirmed to offer around 50 hours of gameplay time, as well as a bolstering 36 different kinds of endings. With the second installment we talked about how it was important for you to do at least two playthroughs, with Witcher 3 it’s probably going to be at least around 4.

Wild Hunt will be the last release in the Witcher trilogy and probably the last time we see Geralt in all his glory. The open-world title is scheduled for release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.