Phil Spencer Calls Ryse the “Best Thing” on Xbox One

Microsoft Game Studios Vice President Phil Spencer stopped by for a 20 minute talk with Major Nelson, making no bones about his opinion on what the best game on Xbox One is.

I played a build of Ryse last week, some new levels on kit, said Spencer, “and it’s the best thing I’ve seen on Xbox One. Just incredible. Not only the combat…a lot of people are asking about combat, and combat is coming along…It’s strong…Crytek always did a great job with graphics, and you can see these scenes that truly…I mean I just sat there and stared for a little while. It’s amazing work.

I saw the game in action at E3 and it didn’t exactly jump off the screen at me, but Spencer seems to be sold:

It is (a different game from Crysis), and that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to partner with them on this. They’ve traditionally done shooters, think about FarCry, think about Crysis. We have a lot of shooters on the platform and they came and said, ‘We want to try something new, we want to be first party for the first time.’ I’ve known that team for seven, eight years back when they did FarCry and thought: ‘what a great opportunity to come together.

Comments on the NeoGaf forum point out the game’s QTE segments, mocking Spencer’s categorization of the combat as “strong.”