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Need for Speed: Rivals Bringing Personalization Back

Personalization is returning to Need for Speed: Rivals and is so in a big way, the game’s lead designer James Mouat announced on the official site today.

While pimping up your vehicle in single-player is pretty routine stuff, showing off your new wheels to your friends when coming across them in real-time in the game’s fictional world is important.

Mouat noted that AllDrive demanded the return of personalization and hence the development team “went about integrating personalization into the gameplay and fiction of living the life of a Cop or Racer in Redview County”.

The concept though will work differently for players playing as the RCPD. Instead of unlocking ‘swag’, officers will unlock different versions of each car depending on their play-style: Patrol, Enforcer and another class that will be revealed at Gamescom next week.

Patrol cars will feature general performance improvements, while Enforcer vehicles will offer “reinforced construction”, hence allowing them to deal more damage when ramming into other cars. Regarding the third one, Mouat teased that players would be very pleased come the reveal at Gamescom. Of all three, Patrol cars are going to be the easiest to unlock.

Need for Speed: Rivals is currently open for pre-orders and features the Ultimate Cop Pack and other different versions which are available from different retailers.