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Microsoft Presenting New Xbox One Exclusives at Gamescom

Major Nelson’s latest podcast with Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, discusses the company’s plans for its “biggest booth” ever, complete with the reveal of an all-new exclusive, or so it seems from the following Spencer quote:

We’re going to have a really short stage presentation with some news talking about some unique exclusive coming to [Xbox One].

What’s more, Microsoft will talk about “Europe’s biggest franchise,” which could mean FIFA, as Game Informer notes. On the Gamescom floor will be playable versions of Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct and Zoo Tycoon.

Spencer also confirmed that Titanfall will be there in playable form for the first time to the public. These playable games will give the public “a sense of how these games are going to play at launch.”

The event will not be streamed officially by Microsoft, but will release snippets of gameplay footage as it sees fit. Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom event will start Tuesday, August 20.

Source: GameInformer