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GTA V: Campaign Videos for San Andreas’ Governors Released

Rockstar has released two new trailers as part of “political campaign videos” for two governors of Los Santos running against each other.

The first is a former actor and stuntman Jock Stanley who is campaigning against incumbent liberal and “successfully divorced school teacher” Sue Murry for control of the state. The two videos give more teases into the world of GTA V and what freedom players would have to do their bidding. Not to mention the trailers also feature some hilarious political parody which I’m sure many would take a hint from.

Tomorrow on August 15 Rockstar plans to unveil Grand Theft Online to the world. We previously got a glimpse into the multiplayer portion at the end of the game’s official trailer which we got to see last month. Rockstar has confirmed that tomorrow they would reveal the online component with a gameplay video that will reveal the many incorporated features.

GTA V will release on September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version was suggested by graphic card manufacturer Nvidia yesterday to release this fall but today they retracted their statement saying it was a slight mistake. Who knows, perhaps Rockstar really is gunning for a PC release by the end of the year.