Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad Allows Creative Creation

Disney today has announced Toy Box, an app for the iPad which will launch alongside its companion game Disney Infinity. The app will give you the freedom to build new worlds, interact with characters and then transfer your creation to your console or share it with others on the web.

Toy Box features more than 60 different terrains and other assets that you can use to populate your world. The creation process is very easy and players just have to drag and drop the respective items to whatever spot they wish to build on.

When playing Disney Infinity on your console, you’ll unlock various items which are then available in Toy Box on the iPad. If you’re not the patient kind then you can also head over to the app store and purchase items on your tablet at $1 a piece.

In the announcement Disney also confirmed that they app will fully sync with any device that uses your Disney ID. Thus you can create worlds on your tablet, upload them to your cloud and then access them from any other console.

One other feature which I doubt many would avail is that you can also create your world on your console and then transfer them to your iPad to play through. This however will compromise the visual details but will give you mobility.

Disney Infinity launches for all consoles, the PC and 3DS later this week on the 18th.