Capcom Essentials Announced, Coming Out in October

One of my favorite things when I go games shopping is finding a great multi-game deal. You know, a handful of games in one bundle. Ubisoft have a great one that features Assassin’s Creed and Beyond Good & Evil, as well as a few other titles.

Capcom are a company that I’m very fond of, and the announcement of the new Capcom Essentials bundle has my titillated to say the least.

For just under $60, the price of any brand new title on the high street, you will get five of the best Capcom games there are, all together in one handy bundle. On top of that, you also get a very cool Capcom travel bag so that you can proudly display your fondness for the developer.

What games are in the bundle, then?

You get the recently released Resident Evil 6, which still has a fairly high price tag by itself.

On top of that you also get Dead Rising 2, which is great news since we’re on the cusp of the sequel being released, so there’s always room to catch up on the series there.

Super Street Fighter IV is the third game in the package, and with the Ultra Street Fighter IV content coming next year, you can’t be too late to jump in on the Street Fighter craze.

Also included is Devil May Cry 4, which was one of the first Capcom games that was released on the current generation consoles. If you never got to play this great game, then don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick it up.

The final game that makes up the Capcom Essentials bundle is my personal favourite; Mega Man 10. It’s got that retro gameplay and classic 8-bit era feel to it, made in a modern environment.

It’s a great entry in a brilliant series.