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King of Fighters 13 Gets Steam Release

The King of Fighters XIII is seeing another release with the new ultimate version coming to Steam. The flagship 2D fighting game of SNK Playmore will now be available to more players than ever before.

If you choose to purchase KoF XIII on Steam, then you’re not missing out on anything compared to the console version. The Story Mode and Tutorial Mode for single player games are part and parcel, as well as the Online Mode that will let you test your skills against players all over the world, both friend and foe.

Even better, there are DLC characters who are available with the base game on Steam, meaning that you won’t be missing out on anything! Iori with the Power of Flames, NESTS Style Kyo and Mr. Karate will all be playable characters from when you first launch KoF XIII, giving you a grand total of 36 playable characters to master.

What’s in store though? Well, Story Mode will let you experience a wide variety of background stories that weren’t shown in the original arcade version of the game. Delve into the secrets of Ash Crimson and learn the truth in the “Ash Saga”. You need to play as many characters stories as possible in order to get the full picture.

The online gameplay brings all the fast paced multiplayer matches that you’d expect from such titles. You can play ranked matches and set your place on the global leaderboard, or you can play casual matches against friends and random opponents.

If the one on one action isn’t enough for you, you can always try out the 3-0n-3 Team Battles that see you pitting three members a side against each other. You’ll need to figure out some serious combos and strategies in order to make this gamemode work for you.

King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition is now available for purchase on the Steam store, with a limited time offer if you want to buy it now.