American Express Launches Exclusive League of Legends Debit Cards

Following the strategic partnership of American Express with Riot Games, American Express will be launching a line-up of prepaid debit cards featuring characters and concept arts from Riot Games’ League of Legends. The campaign is slated to begin coming Wednesday.

These debit cards will be looked over by American Express Serve System and any League of Legends player using these cards to make in-game purchases will be awarded with Riot Points.

Players will be able to get 1,000 Riot Points for registering the card, 1,000 RPs by adding $20 to their Serve account, 1,000 RPs for making the first 10 purchases from the in-game store and another 1,000 RPs for adding $20 via direct deposit.

As of now, we have come to know about the cards customized with the concept art of Teemu, Vi, Lux Twisted Fate, Summoner’s Cup and the League of Legends logo.

While speaking about the partnership to New York Times, general manager for online and mobile for American Express, Stefen Happ said that this initiative will allow them to “expand our traditional reach beyond the mass affluent.”

“Together we’ve been able to create a great co-branded product with a unique rewards program that will help League of Legends players earn Riot Points whenever they use their Card to make qualifying purchases.”

Similarly, the Vice President of Riot Games’ eSports, Dustin Beck said that this partnership will allow them to expand to “TV and other mediums”. He further added that,

“There is a great opportunity for brands here, particularly brands that make sense for our players.”

It certainly seems like a good idea as League of Legends has a playerbase of 32 million active users with billions of gameplay hours monthly. What do you think of it?