Saints Row 4 – Morgan Freeman Narrates Your Life As an Inflatable Sex Doll

OK so I lied, it’s not actually Morgan Freeman, but an impersonator named Jason Stephens (he does a really good job though!).

The trailer doesn’t show any new footage, it’s just more of what we already know except for the whole ‘playing as a Sex Doll’ and ‘voiced by (fake) Morgan Freeman’.

However there is one gem in the video that makes the entire video worthwhile. Skip to 0:43 of the video for a clip of Morgan Freeman saying ‘Dinosaur Dick’.

This is now my ringtone. I don’t even care if I’m going to a funeral tomorrow, the pastor can be saying whatever he wants but the second my phone starts shouting DINOSAUR DICK in the voice of Morgan Freeman I’m willing to bet even the dead guy will start laughing.

The rest of the video is pretty par for the course (since this is Saint’s Row we’re talking about). Just a few hiccups; Freeman gets some of the wrestling moves wrong. That’s not a ‘one handed bulldog’ it’s a jumping three quarter facelock jawbreaker. And that ‘flying inverted powerslam’ is actually a sunset flip powerbomb.

Aside from that, just relax and let the baritone voice of (fake) Morgan Freeman relate to you the tragic lifestory of Annie the Angry Sex Doll.