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GTA V Online Reveal to Happen on August 15th

You might recall the interesting ending of the official GTA V trailer that we were treated to last month. The video ended on a scene where we’re looking out a window to a horde of vehicles, jets included, moving about with player tags on them.

It was supposedly our first and only look at the game’s online component and Rockstar straight away promised further details later on. That day might just be around the corner.

The developer has just announced that the big reveal of Grand Theft Auto Online will happen on August 15th. The reveal will include a much awaited gameplay video, along with highlighting of major features which we’re currently unknown of.

Even excluding the multiplayer, GTA V is still looking like a behemoth of a title, with a world so big that I reckon players are probably going to die of malnourishment while trying to unlock it’s achievements.

Add the online component and GTA V is all armed and ready to destroy sales record to date. At least that’s the assumption. We’ll have to see what Rockstar has planned for us.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17. A PC version was said to be under consideration and may follow next year, probably after 8 or 9 months after the console version’s launch.

Analysts predict the game to sell as many as 20 million copies before the end of March 2014. This may just increase when the PC version lands as well. Currently an online petition for the PC port has passed 200,000 signatures.