EverQuest Next Might Eventually Release for PS4

According to David Georgeson, producer for Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest Next may eventually land on the new PlayStation 4 console.

Speaking during a SOE event in Las Vegas, he said that the MMO’s current development is focused entirely on the PC but it would be “dumb not to explore other options”.

“We’re very serious about this being a PC-orientated launch,” Georgeson said. “Now, you’re dumb not to explore other options with a business of this type, but we’re very serious about developing for the PC. You know the company knows a lot about the PlayStation 4 – look at DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 – so we have a lot of people becoming extraordinarily knowledgeable with that box. We’re not adverse to the idea, but we’re not going down that path yet.”

The event also provided an in-depth reveal into the game itself. Destructible environment is going to be either a feature or a pain as far as new players are concerned. While destruction is not permanent and will be restored with time, high level players may take this to their advantage and provide a level of grief to new players. It’s something the developers are currently looking into stopping.

“Without a doubt there are lots of griefing opportunities we haven’t seen in this kind of game before,” said senior producer Terry Michaels. “There’s visual griefing in Landmark, where the idea of creativity is so important. People could actually try to impede other people’s ability to see your stuff. We have to think about these things and tackle these things that are unique to our game. We did it to EverQuest and the things people could do there, and we’ll do it again in EverQuest Next and make sure players have an enjoyable experience.”

Georgeson also added that loading times between zones will be kept to a minimum in an attempt to remove “those walls”.

EverQuest Next is the third installment in the MMO franchise and is so far looking like a good one.

via Eurogamer