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Dota 2 TI3 – Alliance Wins the Record Breaking First Prize!

This year’s The International 3 Dota 2 Championships had a prizepool of almost 2.900.000$ that was built with the support of the amazing Dota 2 community.

Even if this was the biggest prize in gaming history, it stopped being about the money a long time ago as for all of these top players it was the realization of a dream, one to become the best in the world. There are no amount of words that can properly describe this event.

16 teams battled to earn themselves the Aegis of Champions but in the end it came down to a breath taking best of 5 showdown between the Swedish sensation Alliance and the former champions Na’Vi. This was an unprecedented Grand Final series since for the first time, they’ve ended 3-2 so all 5 games of the series were played.

The final moments of this epic moment were captured in

">this video, which shows the strong emotions of the players, the sensational standing ovation from the crowd and the brilliant energy at the glorious Benaroya Hall.

Congratulations to the Alliance and all 5 members of their squad who are in order from left to right:

Day 5 wasn’t all about the big Grand Final series though, before it, it featured the very exciting match-up in the Lower Bracket Final between Na’Vi and the Malaysian pride Orange.

The Malaysians were ahead with a big lead and were just about to stroll their way into the Grand Finals but their nervousness got the best of them, which allowed Na’Vi’s brilliant play to make up for a great comeback.

The final standings are the following:

13th, 14th, 15th and 16th placed (no prize) – Rattlesnake, Mousesports, Virtus.Pro and MUFC. 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th placed (no prize) – Dignitas, LGD.Int, Zenith and LGD. 7th and 8th placed (prize of 43.116$) – Fnatic and Liquid. 5th and 6th (prize of 114.976$) – DK and iG. 4th place (prize 201.208$) – TongFu. 3rd place (prize 287.441$) – Orange.

2nd place (prize 632.370$) – Na’Vi. 1st place (prize 1.437.204$) – Alliance.

Again, in case you’ve missed these great games played on the Main Event, here are the youtube playlists for each of the days casted in English on the Official Dota 2 Channel.

Russian, Chinese and Korean commentary are also available on the same channel:

">Day 1 Playlist – Half of Round 1 of the UB, rounds 1 and 2 of the LB. Includes the very epic and funny All-Star Match.
  • ">Day 2 Playlist – The other half of the 1st rounds. Also 1vs1 Finals between Orange’s Mushi and Zenith’s iceiceice
  • ">Day 3 Playlist – Round 2 of the Upper Bracket + Round 3 of the Lower Bracket
  • ">Day 4 Playlist – Upper Bracket Finals + Round 4 and 5 of the Lower Bracket
  • ">Day 5 Playlist – The Lower Bracket Finals Orange vs Na’Vi + TI3 Grand Finals Na’Vi vs Alliance

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