Dota 2 The International 3 – Top 4 Teams are Decided!

Gaming history being made up at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle as the top 16 teams of Dota 2 in the entire world have been battling for a record breaking  prize of over 2.800.000$!

Not only gaming history in general but also Dota 2 history as the tournament has been getting an average of over 200.000 viewers on TwitchTV mostly spread out over the English and Russian streams, an average of over 250,000 viewers watching through the ingame client and an even bigger amount of viewers through the Chinese, Swedish and Korean television channels!

This tournament has also been bringing the biggest variety of hero picks, leaving only around 10 heroes unpicked out of the entire 96 hero pool!

The record for the longest competitive Dota game of all time has been achieved as the matchup in the Winner’s Bracket between DK and iG reached a 98minutes, with DK’s BurNing achieving the biggest hero value of all time on his almost 12 slotted Lone Druid.

There has been big amount of surprises, with some teams upsetting big favorites and huge amount of highlight plays! As for the tournament tree, click here to observe the Upper Bracket and here to observe the Lower Bracket. The teams in the top 4 are:

The Alliance
Alliance, the Swedish sensation team who dominated their group stage with an undefeated streak of 14-0 on their Group B.

They secured their spot at the top 4 by defeating LGD in the Upper Bracket’s Quarter Finals, then DK at the Upper Bracket Semi Finals and even defeated Na’Vi at the Upper Bracket Finals and now are awaiting their challenger from the Lower Bracket in order to win the Grand Final and the Aegis of Champions 2013! They are guaranteed top 2.

The Na’Vi
The fan favorite team, TI winners, TI2 runners up, the Ukranian Na’Vi has been at top form and they topped their group A with a record of 11 wins and 3 losses.

From then on they defeated Orange in the Quarter Finals of the Upper Bracket, and TongFu at the Semi Finals with a very terrorizing Pudge play by Dendi as shown in this video, which caused the crowd to go into a huge uproar!

Na’Vi lost to Alliance in the Upper Bracket Final so they are guaranteed top 3 and now await the winner between the next 2 teams.

Orange, the Malaysian pride are already exceeding their own expectations by how far they’ve reached.

They got decent results on their Group B with a record of 8 wins and 6 losses. They were chosen by Na’Vi to play against them and the Ukrainian squad have knocked Orange down to the Lower Bracket, but then managed to battle through it defeating Team Dignitas, Fnatic and even the Chinese powerhouse DK in the process! Orange will face off against.

TongFu, the last Chinese hope who has been playing at their top form are the final team to join the top 4 and boy, what a road they’ve had.

They finished their Group B with a decent score of 8 wins and 6 losses so they’ve also started out in the Upper Bracket, defeating Fnatic in the Quarter Finals and then getting knocked down to the Lower Bracket by Na’Vi and their huge Dendi Pudge hooks.

In the Lower Bracket they’ve managed to defeat the defending champions iG with a huge performance. Whoever wins between Orange and TongFu will face off against Na’Vi.

The final standings are currently as following:

13th, 14th, 15th and 16th placed – Rattlesnake, Mousesports, Virtus.Pro and MUFC (who has lost all 15 of their games without even a single win). 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th placed – Dignitas, LGD.Int, Zenith and LGD (the big upset of the tournament).

7th and 8th placed (who take home a prize of 43.027$) – Fnatic and Liquid. 5th and 6th (who take home a prize of 114.738$) – DK and iG.

Not yet decided: 4th place (prize 200.836$) – either TongFu or Orange. 3rd place (prize 286.907$) – either Na’Vi or one of the above. 2nd place (prize 631.195$) – either Alliance or one of the above. 1st place (prize 1.436.534$) – either of the above 4.

In case you’ve missed these great games played on the Main Event, here are the youtube playlists for each of the days casted in English on the Official Dota 2 Channel. Russian, Chinese and Korean commentary are also available on the same channel:

Don’t forget to share what has been your experience of The International 3.