Battlefield 4: Lead Multiplayer Dev Talks About Team-Play, Kits and Enhancements

DICE has been relaying plenty of details regarding the single-player campaign of Battlefield 4 but we all know that we’re interested in the multiplayer component only. In a new blog post, the game’s lead multiplayer designer thomas “Tompen” Andersson discusses how the multiplayer will majorly focus on team-play.

With the addition of the classic “Commander Mode” and other features like Field upgrades and new gadgets; constant communication and team-play becomes a necessity for a side to dominate their rivals. However that said, Andersson added that the game won’t be that difficult and players wanting to go solo and do so. Just that team-play would make things easier.

He called the online experience as the “deepest, most rewarding, and fun experience in the series”. We already know that we’ll have the option of choosing between an Assault, Engineer, Recon or Support kit but the details on the many different gadgets are still to be released. Andersson promised that DICE would soon bring forth all the gadgetry with complete details and even show different combinations between various items that will greatly impact your experience.

The kits will also offer more flexibility, allowing players to adapt to different play styles.

Field upgrades include the likes of faster sprinting, large ammo capacity, better armor and etc. They are individual rewards that are earned only through various team-play like healing and resupplying friendly players, repairing friendly tanks and etc. The main concept is that the more helpful you are to the team, the faster you’ll level up and be able to choose between four different specialization paths.

Finally Andersson stated how important Levolution can be. We all remember the destruction of a skyscraper in the E3 demo. While bringing down an entire building is probably a dream come true, it also changes the course of the gameplay.

Quoting an example Andersson said that destroying the building makes the control point C to be now amongst the rubble. For a team that has access to many pilots, they would want to keep the scraper intact to be able to land their troops easily on top and capture the point, instead of combing the rubble later on.