“Speaking Infinity” Trailer Teases Disney Infinity’s Character, World and Brand Potential

The first thing Disney wants you to know in its newest trailer, “Speaking Infinity”, is that, yes, it has all your favorite characters, including your childhood favorites, meaning it’s already advantaged in the nostalgia-makes-everything-better department. But judging from the trailer it looks like Disney doesn’t really need nostalgia to make a great game.

Within 10 seconds we see Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow navigating treacherous waters, and no shortage of cannons transmuting lesser pirating vessels into fiery water-breached caskets. Next we see the Incredibles on dry land saving the city, followed by Monsters University running amok.

Twenty seconds in and the Disney universe goes from the pure visual literacy of film to the interactive language of video games without losing a beat in translation.

But then the trailer gets into the real meat of Disney Infinity — the creativity and imagination. With the popularity of creation games like Minecraft, and open-world games in general, Disney knows exactly how to conjugate its verbs and roll its R’s when going from communicating in film to the similar, yet underdeveloped, language of video games.

Nearing the end of the trailer we get glimpses of a race car driving, an enormous octopus-like creature crushing a ship, a motorcycling one-eyed green monster, donkey riding, and helicopter dogfights with the Incredibles.

Disney Infinity is developed by Avalanche Software and is published by Disney Interactive Studios. Infinity will launch on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, 3DS and PC on August 18 in North America, and August 20 in Europe.