Capybara Confirms That ‘Below’ Will Be A Timed Xbox Exclusive

Many may not know of Capybara, but they’re a small development team that commands a huge stature, to anyone who’s familiar with their games.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, their break out game for tablets/smart phones, has what is easily the best use of 8-bit graphics of all time. Continuing on with their trend of atmospheric gaming, Capybara’s next project is Below.

When Below was originally announced at the Microsoft E3 conference, it was left up to the audience to guess if it was going to be an Xbox exclusive, or if it would one day branch out to other mediums.

Luckily for us non-clairvoyant individuals, Capybara has recently updated their blog with a , detailing this exact information!

“Like many games on stage at E3, Below will be available on the Xbox One first. Then, after a period of time, CAPY can bring it elsewhere. It’s always been this way.

At CAPY, our goal has always been simple: Create unique, beautiful video games that we love… and bring them wherever there is an audience (and ideally, a great controller) to play them. This is our goal with Below. This is our goal with Super TIME Force. This will be our goal with whatever crazy idea we do next.”

By reading between the not-so-thin lines, fans of Capybara’s unique games can fret no longer; you still don’t have a reason to buy an Xbox One. Yay!