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Amazon Planning To Release an Android Game Console by the Year’s End

GameInformer reported earlier that Amazon may be working on an Android console it hopes to release by the end of 2013. If true, Amazon is looking to go head to head with Microsoft and Sony, and since we’re already more than halfway through the year, the folks at Amazon must be some cool-headed people to suddenly blindside the public with a console.

A testament to the mobile device’s gradual, and some say inevitable, dethroning of the console, perhaps. At any rate, when one of the world’s foremost retailers is rumored to have a console in the works, you sit up and take notice.

According to GameInformer, the Amazon Android console will bundle with a controller. With a plethora of apps littered throughout Androids App Store, consumers will have no doubt in the console’s ability to deliver games — it already has an established library.

Superannuation, Kotaku columnist and Twitterer, tweeted his hesitancy in putting his faith in this hefty rumor. With that said, he noted Amazon’s recent game developer scouting to build up its game library something fierce.

To wit, the Gears of War 3 and Quantum Break executive producer joined up with Amazon’s crew in May. Superannuation also brought to memory the 2012 Amazon ad recruiting talent for a product “bigger than Kindle,” and the LinkedIn page of Amazon’s principle producer manager detailing an “unannounced consumer device.”

While these instances point to a new console about as much as Bryan Cranston’s mustache and bald head point to being offered the role of Commissioner Gordon and Lex Luthor simultaneously, we can confidently say that whatever Amazon is planning, it better be huge.

Source: Game Informer Via Kotaku