King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition Debut Trailer Released

Debut trailer for King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition was released today, unofficially if I might add.

Mining Steam’s database has become an avid hobby of people and the latest unearthed batch brought us a trailer prepped for release on the game’s Steam page. Word of the port came up on the web a month back and it’s good to know that the rumors are looking to be true so far. The latest discovery is promising and while the trailer has been removed from the Steam page, we can still view it on YouTube, thanks to the uploader.

The 2D fighting game is one of the oldest and most respectable franchises. So far the PC port does not look to contain anything new in content. However, according to Dual Shockers, the game will not implement GGPO net-coding, a very popular and effective system often used in PC fighting games and which was missing from the console version.