Dead Island: Epidemic is a Free to Play Zombie Based MOBA

If you think you haven’t had enough of the Dead Island series since it first released in 2011, today is your lucky day. A website named Dead Island: Epidemic has been sighted. Looks like Zombies are taking over the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena too!

That is not all that we have for proof; Deep Silver, the publishers behind the zombie based survival horror action role playing video game have also ribbed about the upcoming installment in an official press release – reports Joystiq.

Referring to the game with what is apparently a self created acronym, ZOMBA i.e. Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena a name similar to MOBA just that it won’t have anything visually similar to Dota 2 or LOL.

Though it was explicitly mentioned in the press release that come Gamescon 2013 detailed information will be provided, they nevertheless have shared tidbits for us to go on. The game will be based on the largely popular free to play PC only title.

Among other information sources that got mentioned like the official Twitter and Facebook of the franchise, a tiny glimpse was shared regarding the gameplay too. The fight for survival will put three teams against each other in a world typical to that of Dead Island. Assuredly, the game will also have “all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience”.

The press release came out yesterday and as of now the website is also providing sign up to newsletters – fingers crossed for more!