Black Ops 2 Gets Teaser for Final DLC

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been up and running since November last year and after the announcement of the next edition of Black Ops at the E3 earlier this year, we had been expecting that an end was near.

Apparently Treyarch is also working on the same lines as can be seen from the tagline of their new trailer for Black Ops 2: “Every story has a beginning…and an end”.

Though it is not yet clear whether the latest Downloadable Content Pack titled Origins, would be the last one for this version of the game or not; one thing is for sure and that is the developers’ intent on bringing the storyline closer to a closure.

So here it is, before we get to experience the highly impressive so far upcoming episode Call of Duty: Ghosts, we might get to taste a new aspect of Black Ops which looks like it has been set in the Zombie world of Call of Duty –less the zombies and add a humongous killer robot!

The trailer doesn’t give away much, except for a totally out of the blue gray outline of a gigantic robot that squashes one of our men under its feet to end the trailer. We are still not sure if this will be the fourth DLC in line for the same zombie world, will it mix them up with the robots or something else. My cash is on a conclusive episode that will involve zombie and one way or the other, the man-killing robot.

This was just a teaser as far as we can see, so no pricing details should be expected yet, same goes for the release date though we can speculate on it. Knowing how Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives in mid November this year, I am thinking a September/October release –what do you think?