Simpsons Might Receive an RPG Treatment

Are you a Simpsons fan? How about getting in the shoes of Homer Simpson and playing a fully fledged Role Playing Game in the Simpson world? Sounds good obviously, but don’t get jumping on your honkers just yet, it is still just a possibility that Al Jean has hinted towards.

The game’s Original writer Al Jean has been behind some of the most famous episodes of the series that have arguably made him the most significant hand behind the near-to-legacy animated series.

Thanks to Gamespot we have learnt that Al Jean, the 8 times Emmy Award winner was talking on a Google Hangout with Daniel Montgomery the editor at Gold Derby. The video for the hangout which was primarily concerned about the quarter century anniversary of The Simpsons series has been uploaded to YouTube by GoldDerby.

When asked by Montgomery whether a new game could be added to the pile of Simpsons, Al Jean responded with a quick “Yeah, we’ve talked about it, I think there will be” but no sooner he went on to explain the hurdles that the venture could face saying “it’s a really complicated thing to do”.

Previously, The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been in development but that is just or the mobile platforms iOS and Android.  When talking about the future of games and other such ventures, Jean’s response was a rather positive one stating:

“We’ve been at it so long. I mean, the first game was an arcade game. So there’s been unbelievable history to the video games that have come off the show. And we’re a ride at Universal Studios, which is amazing. So I think that kind of thing is not going to stop. In fact, it will just increase.”

The series has been nominated for an award for the episode “Treehouse of Horror” and the game Tapped Out has netted more than $90 million in sales.

Let’s wait and watch what the license holders, EA Games have in mind regarding this.