Rain Dev Diary Vol. 1 Invites Players to Get Lost

The Developer’s Diary Vol. 1 of Rain begins with heavy rain, followed by a quote, “From a bright city of day comes a boy that becomes lost in a desolate city of night.” The introduction frames Rain as something to be afraid of, or maybe that was simply this writer’s gut reaction to being lost.

Yuki Ikeda, director of game design and production, describes the concept of Rain as built around a little boy lost in a polar opposite city of desolate darkness – The conflicting emotions accompanying being lost — fear and curiosity — act as motivators to keep moving.

Ikeda asks you to remember what it’s like to be lost as a child in an unknown place. He talks about what people experience when they’re lost, and how the game allows players the abilities to “see” and “not see.”

When in the rain, for instance, the boy’s form is apparent; when out of the rain, the boy becomes invisible. As the game progresses, surroundings change. “The player has to use this to his advantage,” says Ikeda.

Seiichi Terashima, the art director of the main characters and buildings, describes his approach to the graphics, “making something that someone would subconsciously get lost in.” Terashima shifted the heights of buildings to give them a distinctly man-made aesthetic, but the really emphasis is on the back alleys.

Tomokazu Oki, the designer of the enemies and maps, describes how he wanted the environment to feel as if someone was just in that area: “Feeling the ghost of someone’s presence will calm people and spur on their curiosity of what lies ahead.”

Near the end, they mention another factor of Rain: a “mysterious girl.”

The video ends with the quote, “When was the last time you got lost?” By the end of the diary, I felt more intrigued than scared. I hope that playing the game will use these conflicting emotions with the same effect.