Next Week Sees Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC

Mark of the Ninja had been up and running since September last year before the first DLC was finally announced in March as a Special Edition coming this summer. We have learnt, courtesy of Eurogamer that the first DLC package of Klei Entertainment’s famous 2D will be arriving next week.

Inbound for 16th of August 7, 2013 the Special Edition DLC will be available on Steam and Xbox Live. In return for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft, the downloadable update will introduce a prequel to the game to start off things.

Thereon you will be given a commentary on each of the levels including the one mentioned above in the developers’ voice. This is, according to Game Director Nel Anderson “a ton of commentary. It’s about 25 pages written out from a bunch of different members of the team.” The commentary will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Additionally, you will get two new items and a costume that apparently focuses on items as well as non lethal takedowns – a totally new style of play for the game. Understandably, the developers are excited about the expansion pack as it is the first that this surprisingly popular 2D stealth game will receive.

Amazingly though, the game has also received a praiseworthy critics response despite being a 2D side scroller in the world of comparatively dynamic games. Click here to read more about Mark of the Ninja and some other games that were considered best releases for the year 2012.