FIFA 14 Mechanics Detailed in Dev Diary

I don’t usually follow sports games, but I’ve taken a bit more interest in them after this year’s E3 conferences. All the major sports brands were there to hype up their games, but behind all of the hype was a lot of talk about how this year would be a big change for those games. New engines were being introduced, and the technology being provided by the next generation consoles means that the developers can do a lot more to make their games even more like the real world counterparts.

In this developer diary, the devs talk a lot about the shoot mechanics of FIFA 14, and how they’ve been improved over the previous editions. You get to see how to make the perfect shot, and get a nice close-up look at how the new physics engine will affect the ball whilst it is in play. This is all the training you’ll need in advance to score bigtime in FIFA 14.