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Call of Duty: Ghosts to Use “Cinema Quality” Assets

Infinity Ward are boasting about their upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts again, with the latest claim that the assets they’re using for the title will be “above next-gen”. They do have a lot to boast about, what with their rendition of Modern Warfare laying the groundwork that made the Call of Duty series as popular as it is, but are they stepping over the mark this time?

Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, spoke with GamesIndustry International to talk about the art direction of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and he has quite a bit of praise to sing.

“What we’ve done with this generation change, especially for the art pipeline, that being the biggest difference, is we’re making our big art assets at cinema quality, not even PC quality, but above next-gen. It’s at this really amazing looking cinema quality asset. What we’re doing, we use that and we create assets for each platform that are the best for the platform. So now every platform, instead of having a sort of average art asset, they’re getting the best asset for that platform.”

I love that they’re using different assets for different platforms, and I really mean that I love that idea. I’m always disheartened when I load up a multi-platform game on my PC and I find low-res textures that don’t do the game justice, but would be suitable for a console. I feel like I’m not getting as much use out of my gaming PC when this kind of thing happens. With different platforms using different assets, that should stop being a problem.

The “cinema quality” assets bit has me a bit irked, though. Just what do they mean by that? I’m not going to forget some of the things they said at E3 that were laughable, but were dressed up with fancy jargon to try and impress people. I trust Infinity Ward to deliver a great game, but when they hide behind jargon, I instinctively feel the need to double check everything they’ve said.

There’s plenty of terrible looking films released in cinemas, so excuse me if I don’t immediately trust the usage of that phrase.