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Xbox One Game DVR Recording is Limited to 720p and 30fps

As reported by IGN yesterday, the Game DVR of Xbox One will only record videos on a 720 pixels resolution at 30 frames per second. Game DVR is the feature included in Xbox One that will let users record, edit, share and manage the recorded footage.

In a lengthy interview with IGN, Marc Whitten the Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE was asked “Will the Game DVR capture at the source resolution? I.e. will Forza 5 clips capture at 1080p and 60fps? And where can Game DVR clips be uploaded to?”

To which Whitten’s sugar coated reply was that Game DVR will give you “beautiful clips at 720p 30fps” – no mention of 1080p there. That raises a question mark regarding the productiveness of the feature since the Xbox is apparently going to support resolutions up to 4320p!

Whitten further explained the feature saying that all of the recorded data will be saved in the cloud and will be readily retrievable.

Also, the games will be able to create “magic moments” clips of your gameplay. These clips will be available on the Xbox One Guide, the DVR collection and the game cards when they are on the system. The games will apparently integrate these clips into the game experience seamlessly.

Will it make a difference to you if recordings for games like Forza 5 which is to have a higher resolution than the capability of Game DVR appear to be toned down in quality a little bit?