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War of the Vikings Announced by Fatshark

Fatshark and Paradox Interactive are teaming up once again to work on a new third-person action game called War of the Vikings. The title will be a direct successor to their previous title, War of the Roses.

Like the name suggests, War of the Vikings will feature the aggressive Norsemen horde who are ought to destroy the Englishmen in close-quarters combat.

“War of the Roses was a fantastic experience for us to launch, and as it’s evolved over time, eventually growing into its current Kingmaker edition, we’ve been inspired many times over by the possibilities of the close-combat genre,” War of the Vikiskngs executive producer Gordon Van Dyke said. “It’s clear to us that there are many more experiences we can share with our players, and War of the Vikings is our next step in establishing Paradox and Fatshark as leaders in the art of online war.”

Like Roses, War of the Vikings is going to try and be historically correct with authentic weapons and settings. There will be plenty of customization options, including one that allows players to create their own vikings. The online component boasts 64 players battles and will be highly skill-based.

The studio is now working on the combat system which should reward those only who are able to invest considerable time and learn the in-depth mechanics.