Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station Allows You to Create Your Character Ahead of Release

Character creation can be a very timely experience depending on the customization options present at hand. However, for some of us, it’s also worthy every second of tinkering. The final result is our very own avatar, a reflection of our own image into a world of fantasy.

With Saints Row: The Third, THQ and Volition came up with a great idea of providing an “Initiation Station” before hand. Players could download the app and create their character before the game’s release. Once the game hit shelves, all players had to was simply transfer their made character over to the now unlocked title and play on.

With the new Saints Row IV, it won’t be any different. Today, Volition announced the “Inauguration Station” which will work similarly to that of the “Initiation Station”.

The app will include all of the customization options found in the final games, with the exception of a few clothings which Deep Silver said won’t make it through due to assorted marketing agreements.

The application is free and is now available on Xbox Live and Steam. It will be available on the PlayStation Network next week on August 13.

Saints Row IV will release on August 20 and when it does, players can import their characters from the app to the game itself. Those previously with a copy of Saints Row: The Third can also import their old character as well.

Recently Saints Row IV was approved a release in Australia following a rejection notice that was given twice due to various drug usage scenes. The final censored version for Australian fans will exclude a 20 minutes scene which showed the usage of “alien narcotics” to get super powers.