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PS Vita System Update 2.60 Goes Live Today and Brings New Features

System update 2.60 goes live today for the PlayStation Vita and with it brings lots of new features to the hand-held.

Addition of a PlayStation Plus icon to the LiveArea of each game is the biggest change in the update. Players will now have the ease of access to their accounts to “back-up and download data”.

Simply select a game and then tap the PlayStation Plus icon to upload your game files to Online Storage or download saved data from the online cloud to your hand-held.

Update 2.60 also revamps how you access your Settings. Holding down the PS button brings up a variety of options hence allowing you to quickly change settings without going through multiple channels. The new menu includes settings for Flight More, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and Bluetooth features.

Connecting your Vita to your PS3 or PC will now allow users to play music and video content. Simply open the respective video or music app from the home screen, select a connected device and then pick which content you want to play. Note that the new update also brings support for more video formats and introduces new privacy settings as well.

Source PlayStation Blog