Dota 2 – The International 3 Group Stage Results

What an incredible way to start out The International 3 which currently has a prizepool of over 2.800.000$ and still rising thanks to the incredible contribution of Dota fans all over the world.

All of the matches of the group stages have been played out inside the Valve Headquarters in Seattle and they even ended out with a very dramatic tie breaker match!

Here are the final standings:

On group A, Na’Vi topped their group closely followed by DK who finished 2nd and then Fnatic who placed 3rd. The 4th place was decided by a tie breaker match between the Chinese LGD and the North American Dignitas in which the former managed to get the win after staging a comeback when they were behind with a 12.000 gold deficit.

On group B, the Swedish team Alliance had a really impressive dominance by not dropping a single game, repeating LGD’s 14-0 record from last year’s TI2. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th went respectively to TongFu, Orange and iG who ended with the exact same score but the seeding decided the order to be this way.

The top 4 teams from each group will battle each other in the Upper Bracket, because of being first they are able to choose their opponent who placed 3rd or 4th. Alliance chose LGD over Fnatic as their opponent while Na’Vi chose Orange over iG.

The 2nd placed of each group, DK and TongFu will take on who ever is left, DK will take on iG while TongFu will take Fnatic. All of the matches in the Winner Bracket are best of 3 in which if they lose they will drop down to the Loser Bracket.

The bottom 4 teams will fight to the death in a best of 1 match in a similar fashion of the Winner Bracket, in which Dignitas chose Rattlesnake and Liquid obviously chose the 0-14 team MUFC.

This leaves the remaining teams to battle it out, it will be mouz vs LGD.Int and Zenith vs VP. But it being a best of 1 and whoever loses is out of the tournament, these teams will have to use all their hidden tricks and play their absolute best so the adrenaline in these matches will be sky high!

The playoffs will kick off on Wednesday the 7th of August at 21:00-6:00~8:00 CEST (12:00-21:00~23:00 PDT) and they will be played at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle!

Be sure not to miss it, whether on the Dota 2 Game Client, TwitchTV or in a local Pubstomp near your living area!