Divinity: Dragon Commander Launch Trailer

Divinity: Dragon Commander is finally making it’s way to PCs everywhere (well, so long as you buy it) as of today, with the beta closing at midday GMT when the game is officially released. To get you hyped for the big launch, Larian Studios have released this super cool launch trailer.

If you’ve not been keeping up with the beta and ongoing development, then you should definitely check out the trailer above, as it goes in-depth on the story, gameplay mechanics, the protagonist. It’s basically a mini-lexicon for Dvinity: Dragon Commander. There’s a lot to be taken into account whilst you’re playing this game, and you can’t play it like most other strategy titles out there.

There’s a lot of politics to be taken into account, as well as family politics should you want to take a wife to help run things aboard your ship. Not everything is Dragons with jetpacks, there’s a lot more to this game if you look closely.