Command & Conquer Dev Diary Shows off Vehicle Creation

The second developer diary regarding the reboot of Command and Conquer came out recently to show off some features that go beyond the battle when it comes to gameplay. EA Victory, the developers of the game came out to share possibilities like vehicle creation in the video.

Command & Conquer is to be a Free to Play Real Time Strategy Game and is currently being made for Microsoft Windows only. Previously being announced as a sequel to the 2003 version, it has now been now converted into a complete new series of free to play games.

The video goes behind the scenes to the development phase of the game talking about how the team works with the design and the execution of the development.

Starting from a 2D concept, it details the process how the thing is actually converted into a 3D animation. It specifically talks about how the trucks to be used in the game are being designed and created – in great detail.

The game is currently under development but the open beta version will soon be out in the market – probably sometime later in this season. So will this game would be as good as Red Alert which some users regard as the best game in the series so far or will it be just a dismissal experience like the last installment? We will have to wait and watch.

The game is believed to include features and content from the 2003 game Command & Conquer Generals and will later receive more updates from other older versions of the same series.

Command & Conquer will be releasing this fall.