Planetside 2 Jungle Themed Continent Gets New Trailer

The Massively Multiplayer Online Sci-Fi Shooter from Sony Online Entertainment has been indulging thousands of players on its three continents so far but not much has been said about the fourth, latest addition to be i.e. Hossin – this changes with the new trailer by SOE.

The talk about a new continent has been in the air since a couple of months when it was first announced that a Jungle Based Continent will be introduced into the game in April. This was delayed to a later date somewhere one of these days but finally SOE has stated on the Roadmap forum that Hossin’s release will be in September 2013.

Hossin is a Jungle based landscape untypical of the usual game scenarios of Planet side franchise but it surely does look great in the scarce look during the one and a half minute trailer. The trailer for the new continent was shown officially during the SOE Live event by their development team.

A swamp covered area with leaves flying everywhere, Hossin gives a queer image. I say that for the contrast of technology with the flooded, somber atmosphere of the jungle – the laser canopies atop some of the locations could be a shield – but what for? Nevertheless, PlanetSide fans are in for a change of taste.

Adding a number to Amerish, Indar and Esamir, Hossin will be the fourth landscape which will also bring the Interlink facility as a crucial element of the gameplay. Looking at how PlanetSide 2 has been getting updates every fortnight, we could assume those additions were due.

No specific release dates have been shared along with the trailer so far except for the fact that one third of Hossin is being tested on some servers.