Infinite Crisis: Episode 1 of Behind-The-Scenes Dev Diary Released

A series of online documentaries are in the works by developer Turbine, which will take us behind the scenes of their MOBA Infinite Crisis title.

The first episode has been released and discusses how the studio plans to make a perfect MOBA game which will live up to the DC Comics name. Fans of the prestigious firm should check the video out if they are afraid that Turbine will mess up their DC world.

Infinite Crisis mashes up various universes of DC, providing players to select their character across an array of names, including variations of many of the classic DC characters.

Parties interested in participating in the beta can head over to the official site and become a founder. The game is free-to-play but purchasing a founder’s package will entitle you to various digital goodies, as well as confirming a beta entry. Also some monetary help never hurt any developer.