American McGee’s Alice Returns a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

As we previously reported, American McGee had turned to Kickstarter for fund raising regarding the development of Alice: Otherlands and as of today, the game has been fully funded.

The Kickstarter campaign was aimed to achieve the $200,000 initially and yesterday the benchmark was crossed with a decent lead as the campaign crossed over $222,377.

According to the contract between the previous owners Collision, American McGee will now get the rights to create short animated stories. This amount will now be used to pay the first of five $100,000 installments with the additional amount being used for the short films as previously motioned by American McGee.

The publishers have not been able to contract Alice voice actress Susie Brann and Cheshire Cat actor Roger Jackson for the higher ask rate of $250,000.

Nevertheless, according to Eurogamer ”20,000 Leagues Under the Sea author Jules Verne and Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle have been touted” in an attempt to make it a historical figure.

Looking at how they had to take off the OZombie Kickstarter campaign because it could meet the targets, and knowing that Alice was once a stretch on that project, it is a big achievement that the campaign has not failed – read more about this here and here.

Donations are still in progress.