2014 Will See Rainbow Skies Launch Exclusively on PSN

As relayed in their joint press release on the 3rd of August, independent game publisher and developer EastAsiaSoft and partner SideQuest Studios will be releasing Role Playing Game Rainbow Skies to the PlayStation Network in 2014.

Cross Play Support is bound to get hype one of these days for who doesn’t want a game that would allow all the users from different consoles and PC to tag together in a single game. Rainbow Skies will also let users enjoy the exploration and battles from either PlayStation3 or the PlayStation Vita.

Here’s what Marcus Pukropski the CEO of SideQuest Studios had to say about it:

We have enjoyed great support and success on the PlayStation 3 system in the past and are happy to bring our latest development to the PlayStation family in 2014. Rainbow Skies combines lots of fan feedback with our own vision and will be an awesome mix of old meets new. We are looking forward to showing gamers more of Rainbow Skies in the months to come.

The game is the next installment of a previously known game Rainbow Moon from the same developers. With everything from dungeons, town shops, battles and that too in a vivacious display; it appears to be lively and full of things that will keep you busy.

According to the press release, the game has everything that you want to expect out of a doted Role Playing Game; character development with customizations involving weapons and characters, tamable monsters, side quests, and a main story.

You fight in two parallel worlds, engaging in turn based battles on the go. You will be packed with more formidable combo attacks, but the addition of monsters to your party will give you the exclusivity you might want.

Once you complete all the side quests and optional content in the game you get a chance to add as much as an additional 100 hours to your game – and beyond. Add to that the cross platform feature that will let you exchange all those gameplay hours between Vita and PS3; you might end up playing it day in day out.

This is it for now, keep checking back for updates on the game or check out EastAsiaSoft’s press releases yourself.