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Xbox One Will Support External Video Capturing Devices

While speaking to Polygon, Microsoft Games studio’s vice president, Phil Spencer has affirmed that their forthcoming next-gen console will allow users to use their external video recording devices with the console.

When asked whether Xbox One will allow to capture via HDMI port given that the device has High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. He positively replied saying that:

“Yep. Exactly like it works today. [Just like on Xbox 360]”

However, it must be noted that even though the users are being allowed to record their gameplay off-console, the console will certainly restrict the ability of making unauthorized copies that come under the HDCP.

Spencer further added that as long as people are doing it right i.e. for recording their gameplays, they are in no problem.

“If all you care about is getting the gameplay, you are fine.”

Last month Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One will enable users to record last five minutes of their gameplay, editing them and sharing them online in contrast to Sony Playstation 4 that records for fifteen minutes.

Personally I think that it is certainly a good news for those who have invested a hefty price buying an HD-PVR and wondering whether it will be compatible with Xbox One or not!?

Xbox One will be in stores near you in coming November and will be priced at $499 in United States, £429 in the UK and $599 in Australia.

Your take on this?