DayZ: New Dev Diary Shows Injury System

In a new developer diary, creator of DayZ Dean Hall updates us all as to why the game’s Alpha version is still far from ready.

“Until we cover off on the very basic foundations of it, there’s just nothing there to play, nothing there to really enjoy.”

A new gameplay video released alongside shows off the new injury system, with developer Ivan Buchta discussing the additions of clinics and police stations to Chernarus. Additionally the video also acts as a “multiplayer playtest”.

Some of the screenshots taken off the multiplayer can be found on the development blog. Note that the shots have been taken off a pre-alpha version.

There is still no substanial release-date set for the standalone version of DayZ. Previously it was speculated that the game would release later this year. However, Bohemia really is digging through everything to ensure every possible quality check.

Dean Hall has promised more details in the days to come.